Weddings are our specialty!

We are prepared for the unexpected. With extra people on "stand-by" the night of your celebration and back-up equipment always with us, you have the peace of mind knowing we are ready to handle any situation. Wedding Details


Our customers have great things to say!


Corporate Events

Holiday parties, retirements, celebrations of success...
Music in Motion will work with you to make any corporate celebration exactly what you want it to be!
Holiday Party Options

School Events

Prom, Homecoming, school dance...
Whatever the school event, we will not disappoint! Our DJs will create a memory to last a lifetime! Music in Motion does much more than provide music for your students to dance to, we provide an event!


Decades Party

A dance through the past five decades with music, trivia, and pop culture paraphernelia. A sure fire hit with crowds of all ages and sizes.

Island Getaway

A great way to get some sun! We'll bring some table decorations, props, prizes, and all the fun to make you forget about winter.

Game Shows

The Martini Package

A great show for a lounge-type atmostphere where people want to talk with each other. Music from all eras for all people. Game Show Details

The Gamer

Games, mixers, and activities for audience interaction and fun. Great for both spectators and the players. Add-on Options